Top 10 Interview Questions

1) How long have you been a full time real estate agent in my market? Over 16 years

2) How many homes do you close each year? 65-70

3) Who will be my primary point of contact? Myself

4) What qualities or certifications set you apart from other agents? I have been endorsed by Dave Ramsey for 11 years and was here from the start of the Endorsed Local Provider program in Louisville. My license as a Principal Broker and experience set me apart from other Realtors. 

5) How will you help me sell and/or buy a home in a competitive market? My Marketing plan has proven results along with an honest market analysis of your property. In addition, I have a full time stager, professional photographer and on staff Marketing Manager.

6) Whats your commission fee? I would be happy to share this at our listing appointment as the law does not allow Brokers to advertise commission rates. I know you’ll be pleased though! 

7) Do I have to sign a contract with you, and can I cancel without penalty? Kentucky law requires me to have a written contract to list and sell you property. I do have a cancelation policy. 

8) How will you communicate with me? Communications are via phone, text and email. If clients have any other forms of communication, I will be happy to meet those needs. 

9) How do you set realistic expectations for your clients? Clients are given honest straight forward answers and market information is also give to all clients so they can make informed decisions throughout the transaction. 

10) Who can I contact for a reference? I’d be happy to give you any past clients and professional references upon request. 

 Call me to discuss your real estate needs!

Shawna Smith, Principal Broker

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