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Which NFL Stars Home Do You Want?

NFL Luxury Homes

Are you thrilled about the 2019 NFL season? We sure are! Sundays, Mondays (and Thursdays too) are a lot more exciting now that football is back!

I am often intrigued by the luxurious lifestyle of some of the greats of the NFL. Sure, not all the players make the big bucks that a select few make (they all still do pretty well). But the NFL can make players very wealthy. Since I am in the real estate industry, I got a little curious. Where (and how) do these guys live?

Leave your muddy cleats at the door and join me on a virtual site-seeing tour of some of the NFL’s best real estate!

 Tom Brady's Home

Tom Brady – QB, New England Patriots

This one, you can actually buy!

You can’t get much more star power than Tom...