Selling Your Home

Skip the Zestimate!

Skip the Zestimate!

Perhaps you saw the news. Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Seattle based real estate media company, Zillow, sold a home. Maybe that part is not newsworthy, but this part is: he sold it for 40% less than the Zestimate displayed on the site.

There are several sites that us an AVM (automated valuation model). However, the following is true: these models are not sufficient when an accurate assessment of value is needed. The particular instances I’m referring to are buying a home and selling a home.

You see, these models pull publicly available data, crunch them together and spit out a number. But the model doesn’t account for several things. I know firsthand that an addition done to my house has not been reflected in Zillow’s pricing efforts. But other things, such as lot irregularity, condition/age of mechanical...

Room Color and Lighting


Matching Room Color and Lighting to Get the Effect You Desire

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon        

Published: February 10, 2014

Light changes color, so your lighting design -- a top priority for any remodel -- should help guide your color choices. Here’s how.

It’s all determined by the way light and colors interact.
“People have to understand that the color of an object won’t look the same 24 hours a day,” says lighting designer Joseph Rey-Barreau. “I just had bamboo flooring installed throughout my house, and during the day it looks totally different than...

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