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20 Proven Facts About Selling Your Home

20 Proven Facts About Selling Your Home

 I love my home. My family has lived here or over five years and unless, for some unknown reason, we move out of town, we will never move again. It works for us. However, if we ever had to up and move, I am not under the impression that EVERYONE would want to buy this house. And not surprisingly, your home is the same. When you are preparing to put your home on the market, this list of facts will come in handy.

  1. You should know your market. Or, at least your agent should. Real estate is local. Market trends change all the time. You/your agent should know the area, what is selling, and what is NOT selling.

  2. Your home should be clean! A little bit of time can net...

Which NFL Stars Home Do You Want?

NFL Luxury Homes

Are you thrilled about the 2019 NFL season? We sure are! Sundays, Mondays (and Thursdays too) are a lot more exciting now that football is back!

I am often intrigued by the luxurious lifestyle of some of the greats of the NFL. Sure, not all the players make the big bucks that a select few make (they all still do pretty well). But the NFL can make players very wealthy. Since I am in the real estate industry, I got a little curious. Where (and how) do these guys live?

Leave your muddy cleats at the door and join me on a virtual site-seeing tour of some of the NFL’s best real estate!

 Tom Brady's Home

Tom Brady – QB, New England Patriots

This one, you can actually buy!

You can’t get much more star power than Tom Terrific!...

Kentucky Derby 2019

Kentucky Derby 2019

The air warms, everything is green again. Here in Kentucky that can only mean one thing. Yes! It’s Derby time! If you aren’t familiar with this annual tradition, the Kentucky Derby probably seems like a random horse race that is nationally broadcast for some reason. The reality is that for this area, it is one of the most vibrant times of the year. The entire city of Louisville is lively for two weeks! Area businesses post “Derby Hours” while people from all over the world come to experience what the region has to offer. The longest running sporting event in America, the Kentucky Derby’s tradition has been here since 1875!

William Clark’s (of Louis & Clark) grandson brought the idea home from Europe and endeavored to create a grand spectacle centered around horse racing. John and Henry Churchill gifted Clark the land and in 1875 the fifteen-horse field ran the first Derby in front of 10,000...

Rent vs Buy

The Rent VS Purchase Decision

If you are a renter, you may have often wondered, should I stay put or jump into purchasing my own home? Which is better? Well, it depends. Which costs more? Well, it depends. There are a lot of factors to consider and renting works for people in many situations. Likewise, purchasing a home can be a great decision and investment for many. Keep reading for a quick breakdown of the important factors:

When renting, your costs are generally fixed for the term of the lease. In some cases, utilities (or a portion of them) are part of the fixed costs. Often, a large portion of rent and a security deposit is required up front. In most places, when a lease ends, the landlord is free to increase rent, and, at any
time, they can sell your home!

As a homeowner, the landlord (you) cannot sell without your permission. Usually, if you require financing, your payment will...

End of Summer Home Maintenance

End of Summer Maintenance

With the recent heat and humidity, it may seem like summer is here to stay. But that first bite of cooler air is on the way. Yep, it’s the end of summer.

As a homeowner, with each changing season, there are tasks to do that will have you ready to go the next time the warm air comes around. And luckily, this is a lot easier than spring cleaning! Keep reading for a guide to end of summer clean-up.

  1. Scrub down outdoor furniture. When spring returns, you’ll be glad you did! And remember, different materials require different techniques. Do a little research so that you properly take care of wood, metal, wicker, and plastic!

  2. Clean Outdoor cushions. While you probably can’t just toss them all in with the laundry, spot clean with a mild mix of dish detergent and water. Rinse and air dry before storing....

Summer Fun in Louisville

Summer in Louisville

               Whether you are new to Louisville, thinking of moving here, or you have been here for a long time, as summer kicks into overdrive, you maybe wondering, “What is there to do”?

               In short, the answer is, “LOTS!” Sometimes known as the largest little town, or the smallest big city, Louisville has a great balance of down home activities and big city flair. Please keep reading as we highlight much of the best summer time fun that Louisville has to offer.


Walking Bridge

               A relatively...

It's Derby Time

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Here in Louisville, it’s time to celebrate! With the return of Spring, comes the biggest event in our city’s year. That’s right, it’s Derby time! Known as the fastest two minutes in sports, with this premier horse race comes a huge festival that keeps the whole area buzzing for two weeks.  From the biggest fireworks display in the USA, to events for foodies, art lovers, families, and everyone in between, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

The Kentucky Derby Festival kicks off two weeks before the Derby with Thunder Over Louisville. People come to camp out for the entire day to watch the air show, eat great food, and see the country’s biggest fireworks display. The next two weeks in Louisville are full of events every day. There really is something for everyone....